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Should you celebrate Valentine's Day as a single?

Are you a single who has hated the idea of celebrating Valentine's Day, ever since you were "single"? Or are you one of those who is frustrated looking at your friends madly in love & "over celebration" of Valentine's day? Jealousy, resentment & bitterness are quite common feelings you feel on Valentine's day.

I feel you. In the past, I myself have struggled with it.

Why is it that a day which is celebrated for love, is also equally by the other half? Is it really important that singles should also celebrate Valentine's day, just as couples do? 

These are the few questions I would like to address here. Yes, even singles should celebrate Valentine's day. 

A little disclaimer. Please note that this article is written for people who are single & struggle to accept Valentine's day as a sensible festival. If you are already in a loving & healthy relationship, you can choose not to read this.

Valentine's day is a festival of love. The wide connotation to Valentine's day is often romantic love. But in reality, it is a festival of celebrating love. Love doesn't always have to be romantic. Understand the difference here. 

Even if you are a single, you can still show love for people in your life whom you admire. They can be your parents, your close friends, cousins. Take this opportunity to go & tell them how much you love them.

But even more importantly, show yourself love. This is the point I want to emphasize. Self-love is often what you are lacking, if you are forever single & never been in a relationship. Believe me, I have been there & I know how it feels. 

Self love changed my life.

Do you hate Valentine's day or are you just resentful of your single status?

If scrolling through people's feed makes you feel jealous, it's the most likely the later. Here the problem isn't with romantic love. The problem is some deep insecurity which is stop you from receiving love. That's why self love is so important in the first place.

Even though I am single, I believe a single person should still celebrate Valentine's day. With a few mind tweaks, you can make Valentine's Day feel more fun.

Change the meaning of Valentine's Day - Don't let society define what Valentine's Day should mean. As human beings, we have this insane superpower of changing the meaning of things. I changed it & it helped me be more at peace with my singlehood. You can change it too. For me this is what Valentine's day looks - 

Focus on self-love, not romantic love - Give yourself an extra dose of self-love on Valentine's day. Stop looking at social media if you hate the display of love on Valentine's day. I don't want you to feel resentful on such a wonderful day. You are awesome & you deserved to be loved. It's time you convince yourself of that.

Focus on loving more, hating less - Put things in perspective. For 14th of February, focus only on the things which make you feel love. Find things you love. It can be your dog, your parents, your friends, people who have helped you etc. Focus on  becoming better.

Here are a few ideas to celebrate Valentine's day as a single -

1. Treat yourself - Book a hotel, go to your favorite café, order your favorite food. Treating yourself is such a great way to feel more self love. It's different from being selfish. You take care of yourself. You treat yourself because you love yourself. Simple. That doesn't make you selfish.

2. Make people in your life feel special - Take the time to thank people who have been with you through the thick & thin. Let them know how much grateful you are. Give them a gift. This is something which should be done on a regular basis incase you aren't doing that already. 
A Valentine's day is a good opportunity to take the time to make people in your life feel special.

3. Give yourself a pat on the back - There can be many reasons why you may choose to be single. Maybe you are hustling hard that you don't have time to focus on relationships. Maybe you consciously choose to be single - you want to be free & independent. Whatever the reason, remind yourself of how awesome you are. Make a list of the time when you felt proud of yourself, when you felt love deep in your heart. Give yourself a pat on the back for the work that you are putting in.

If you are looking for more ideas, check out this article. It will show you awesome ways of celebrating Valentine's day.

So there you have it. 

Go ahead & celebrate Valentine's day even if you are single. Take the day to remind yourself how awesome you are & how awesome people around you are.

Share love & celebrate love.

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