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What Valentine's Day Means?

Valentine’s day is a festival of celebrating love & friendship. Especially romantic love. It is celebrated on 14th February annually all over the world. On Valentine’s day, lovers exchange gifts, postcards & hearts! It is celebrated to honor Saint Valentine. 

We will see who this mysterious saint was. But first…

What Valentine’s Day means?

Valentine’s day is a festival of love. If you want to go by the “book”, here’s what Oxford dictionary has to say about Valentine’s Day.

14 February, a day when it is traditional to send a card, often anonymously, to a person one is romantically involved with or attracted to.”

Valentine’s day means a celebration of romance & love. Valentine’s day is meant for your sweetheart. Couples express their love for each other. 

But it wasn’t like love when it started…

“So what Valentine’s Day means today doesn’t hold true for the past?”

At least not when it originally started. I’ll come to that in a moment.

Why is Valentine’s Day celebrated?

Valentine’s Day is celebrated to honour St. Valentine who was martyred on 14th Febraury. St. Valentine united lovers by marrying them, back in the 3rd century!

Today, the day is celebrated to remember the great man & for his immense belief in romantic love. 

A Short History of Valentine’s Day

Here’s a little history of Valentine’s day to help you understand better.

Legend has it that St. Valentine was executed by Emperor Claudius II. 

Why? Because Valentine was letting people marry! 

Shocking right?

Claudius believed married men make weak soldiers on the battlefield. So he decided to ban all marriage of young lovers across Rome. 

However, St. Valentine secretly wed young lovers. He performed their marriage ceremonies in secret. 

And when Claudius found out about these secret marriages, he ordered the execution of St. Valentine. St. Valentine was executed on 14th February 270 A.D.

But wait. The history of Valentine’s day is darker than it is shown. For now, I’ll skip the bloody part & keep it as “clean” as I can.

In Rome, the festival of Lupercalia was celebrated. It was a bloody festival but the origin of Valentine’s day can be traced here.

The festival had a matchmaking lottery where women would write their names on a chit of paper & put it in a common jar. Young men would pull out a random chit. And in this way, they would get matched with a woman.

These new couples would then spend time together in the festival. If it worked well, the couples ended up marrying each other. Ancient Dating! 

A Roman priest Pope Gelasius-I is credited with establishing 14th February as Valentine’s day. This happened in 496 A.D.

However it wasn’t until Geofrey Chaucer’s poem in 1375  that people began to distinctively associate Valentine’s day & love.

For a more detailed history lesson, read our in-depth post on the history of Valentine’s Day. There you will find out everything about Valentine’s day history - from who the real St. Valentine was to the bloody origins of Valentine's day. 

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How to celebrate Valentine’s Day?

There are tons of ways to celebrate Valentine’s day. Exchanging gifts, love letters or spending time with your darling are the most common ways of celebrating Valentine’s day. 

For committed couples Valentine’s day is the second most awaited day in the year. The first one being their own love anniversary! 

But, I believe everyone can celebrate Valentine’s day. Even the fiercely independent single can celebrate Valentine’s day. Love is for everyone. 

I have covered ideas for Valentine’s day for couples as well as singles. 

Valentine’s Day for Couples

But first, a few ideas to celebrate 14th February as a couple -

  • Write a love letter to your boyfriend/girlfriend. Pour your heart out in the letter.

  • Take him/her on a special date. Choose a place which is important to both of you.

  • Give them a hug in the morning & kiss in the afternoon. These are small ways to make feel special & they don’t take a lot of effort or money.

  • Cook a meal for your girl, especially if you are a guy. 

  • Plan a candle light dinner date.

  • If you are busy, make sure to spend time with them on this day.

  • Gift them their favourite items. Roses, chocolates, greetings, diamonds are some typical gifts. Read gift ideas on Valentine’s day.

  • Most importantly, don’t forget to say - “I love you”

Valentine’s Day for Singles

And if you are a single, do celebrate Valentine’s day. Society often sends wrong messages of Valentine’s day being the day for couples. The time will come when couples around you are celebrating Valentine’s day. 

This may cause you to feel resentful about Valentine’s day in general. But again, do you want to spend time resenting? 

Or do you want to spend time loving yourself? It’s what Valentine’s day means to you that matters. Not what Valentine’s day means to society.

Valentine’s day is a day of celebrating love. Even love for yourself. You choose what you believe in. Not what society wants you to believe.

Here are a few ideas for singles to celebrate Valentine’s day -

  • Write a letter to yourself. Tell yourself how special you are.

  • Go out to your favorite restaurant & order your special food. Post coronavirus, going to a restaurant can be risky. In that case, simply order online.

  • Buy yourself your favorite gift. Valentine’s day is a good time to gift yourself. 

  • Do something you love on Valentine’s day. Treat yourself like a special person.

Your focus should be on falling in love with your awesomeness, not wallowing in disappointment. And like the cliched piece of advice goes…When you love yourself, you allow the right person to enter your life. *clapping for myself*

I hope you found something valuable. Valentine’s day means different things to different people. My site covers everything about Valentine's day. 

Keep coming back whenever you want to know anything about Valentine’s day. Be it gift ideas or quotes & wishes or just anything. 

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