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Gift Ideas For Valentine's Day 2021 - A Basic Guide

So you want to surprise your partner with gifts for Valentine's Day. But you don't know what to buy for them. Perhaps it's your first Valentine's day celebration with your partner. Or maybe you are just scouting for more options. Don't worry you have come to the right place. We will give you a basic & simple gift guide to help you buy the right gift. 

Here are a few gift ideas for your beloved on Valentine's day -

1. Chocolates 

Who doesn't love a chocolate from their partner on Valentine's day? There is a great joy in eating the same bite of chocolate with your lover. Chocolate is the one of those perfect Valentine gifts for your partner. Also, it won't burn a hole in your pocket. It's simple, sweet. Sometimes bitter. You can buy it anytime, even at the last minute. Just make sure your date likes it. Most people do but there can always be exceptions. Share a chocolate & share love. 

2. Flowers 

The traditional Valentine gift just like in the good old days. It's also the most classic & the most romantic out of all the other gifts. If it's your first Valentine celebration, I suggest you stick to a red rose. A red rose is a symbol of love. And believe me it will never ever go out of fashion. A bouquet of flowers is also a great Valentine gift idea. And never ever give a bouquet of flowers, packed in a box, to your Valentine. Just don't. Let's say, I have some experience in it... 

A word of caution : A lot of people are allergic to flowers. Please make sure your date isn't. Otherwise instead of holding his/her hands, you will be holding tissues.

3. Pillows

 Are you one of those couple who have fun pillow fights. Isn't that cute? Most couple enjoy pillow fights. It's a great way to bond with your lover. Just make sure you hug it out after you finish the fight. Do you know the best part about pillows? You can pre-order a customized pillow with the name of your beloved on it. It will be a souvenir of your love story.

4. Teddy 

Let me tell you one thing. Teddy's are innocent & cute. Very cute. That's exactly what she loves. Girls love to hug teddy bears & take care of them. If you have a sweet girlfriend, then look no further than a teddy bear. She will love you for it. 

5. T-shirts 

One thing which everyone should agree - Most men have a poor fashion sense. They know little about shopping. So all my dear women, please shop for him on Valentine's day. This way at least you can make him more fashionable. You will get great discounts at most shops during Valentine's week. T-Shirt is a great gift idea for your man on Valentine's day.

6. The Ultimate Vacation 

If you have the resources, plan a surprise getaway vacation. This gift idea for Valentine's day is a crazy one for sure. Currently the world is dealing with Covid-19. So I am not recommending you guys to take a trip to a far away foreign nation. The trip can be a destination near your home. It's a great gift idea if both of you are avid travelers. Imagine just the two of you, spending all day in a secluded cottage having fun. Awesome right?

I hope you find these basic gift ideas very useful. This is a just a basic list of gift ideas for Valentine's day. No matter what gift you buy, remember one thing. The best gift you can give your partner on Valentine's day is YOU! 

We will soon update gift ideas for her & for him. Do keep a tab on our blog for everything related to Valentine's day. 

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