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Gift Ideas For Her on Valentine's Day

Your girlfriend means so many things to you. 

She holds a special place in your heart. She is your love, your best friend & your biggest fan. You know what she means to you. 

For the Valentine's day in 2021, take the extra mile & make her feel special. Here are a few gift ideas for girlfriend on Valentine's day. 

These gift idea can also be used on other occasions like - her birthday, Christmas etc. 

Gift ideas for her covers gift ideas for wife & gift ideas for your girlfriend on Valentine's day. This post is written from such a point of view.

Here is our list of Valentine's Day gift ideas for wife/girlfriend.

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Wife/Girlfriend

  • Flowers - Flowers are a Valentine's day classic gift for your girlfriend. They will never go out of style. You have two choices here - single flowers & bouquets. If you choose flowers, I suggest you go for the classic red rose. It's the symbol of love. I don't particularly recommend a bouquet because it's just too ordinary. Not special enough for a Valentine's day! Just make sure your girlfriend isn't allergic to flowers.
  • Purse - Women love shopping (& also flaunting!). There is no need to emphasize on this. And guess what does she carry whenever she goes out to shop? A purse! Your girlfriend will love you for the purse you gift her. If you have the budget, you can go for luxury brands like Louis Vuitton's. If not, a simple purse would also do wonders. With a purse, your girl can flaunt it to her pals. And guess whose name she is going to take when her friend's ask her about the purse? 
  • A Romantic Photo-frame - A romantic photo frame is a very personalized gift for your girlfriend. It will be a reminder of your best & most romantic moments with your girlfriend. There are two ways in which you can construct a romantic photo-frame. Either you can print the photo yourself & put it in the photo frame which you will buy. Or you can send the photo to the photo-frame seller & ask him to do everything for you. You can find such a seller offline or online.
  • Sexy Lingerie - Women love it when they can make their partners go crazy by showing their erotic side. So why are you holding back? Why do you want to keep the Valentine's day so clean? Make it dirty by giving her a lingerie. A sexy lingerie will bring out the wild side in her. You can buy it offline or online. 
    • Buying online is the safe option but you will need to know the "size" & other stuff. Check out Men's XP article which will help you buy a good lingerie.
    • In case you feel unsure, go check out the nearby store. The girls out there can definitely help you buy the perfect lingerie. Just be direct with them with your needs. The world is a helpful place. And a lingerie is a sexy gift idea for wife or girlfriend.
  • A love letter - Just like flowers, a love letter will also never go out of style. A love letter is the best Valentine's day gift for her. History will testify this. In the olden days, lovers exchanged greetings. The practice still continues to this day. Today you can buy greeting cards for your lover. It's a decent option. But a handwritten letter works like a charm. Women appreciate when their man takes an effort to impress them. Tell them what they mean to you. Let your emotions flow. Melt her heart with your overpouring love. Bring out the poet within you. Again I want to emphasize this that a love letter is one of the best Valentine's Day gift for wife or girlfriend.
  • Jewellery - Jewellery is a serious gift option on Valentine's Day. It's expensive but it's totally worth for the love of your life. Gift ideas for your wife/girlfriend under jewellery include beautiful earrings, diamond rings & pendants. A Valentine Day gift idea for girlfriend includes an engagement ring Gift her an engagement ring if you are planning to marry her. There is a huge sale on Valentine's day for jewellery. So it's also one of the best times to buy. One word of caution - If you are in a casual relationship, please don't waste your precious money on jewellery. Save that money instead for yourself. Consider gifting your mom the very same thing. Gift jewellery to your girlfriend only if you both are serious about each other. This is very important. Please don't waste your money on someone who doesn't deserve your love. 
  • A Romantic Getaway - If you are a couple who loves to travel this is for you. Take your girlfriend out for a romantic getaway. Plan a trip, book a room & spend the Valentine's day with your girlfriend. Depending on your budget, you can choose the location. Paris, in my opinion is the best city. On Valentine's day, the Eiffel tower looks very stunning. Not as stunning as your girlfriend though! If you don't have the budget to go out anywhere, go for a long drive in the evening.
  • Her favourite beauty product - Girls love to do make up. And they are constantly thinking about the how they can look more beautiful. So why not gift them their favourite beauty product? You'll have to know which beauty brands she likes. If you aren't into beauty & cosmetics that much, choosing the right gift can be tough. In that case, ask your sister or a cousin or a colleague to help you out.  
  • Perfume - Perfumes are the evergreen gift. It's so magical when your girlfriend puts on the sweetest fragrance. It's like a fragrance from the divine. If you can't find a perfume with the specific smell, you also can create a customized perfume just for your sweetheart. You can have a customized perfume bottle with her name on it! 
  • A Pet - If you both love animals, a pet is a unique gift idea for your wife on Valentine's day. You both will become a proud pet parent of your puppy or kitty. On the other hand, a pet requires a serious level of commitment from both the partners. Also you both must know beforehand which pet your girlfriend likes. This is my word of caution to you. So make sure you both are ready to become pet parents before you adopt a pet.
There are a few secrets to make an ordinary gift special. Keep these secrets in mind before you buy a gift for your girlfriend or wife on Valentine's Day.

Secrets to make an Ordinary Gift - Extraordinary! on Valentine's Day
  • A personalized gift is the always the best gift. So whenever you buy a gift, add a personalized touch to it. That's why love letters work like a charm even in this day & age. 
"But I want to gift her a purse. How can I make it personalized?" Simple. Just write a sweet note & put it inside the purse.
  • YOU are the most important Valentine's day gift for her. By this I mean, your time, your presence on that day is the most valuable gift than anything else. If you can't buy a gift for her on Valentine's Day, it's not a big issue. Just make sure to spend time with her. Your wife/girlfriend is not going to judge you on the basis of a gift.
  • A gift closer to her heart is the best gift. Your Valentine's day gift for your girlfriend doesn't have to be very expensive. It just should be close to her heart. That's why a handwritten love letter work like a charm. In the same way, if your girlfriend loves dogs - a puppy becomes a great gift idea for her on Valentine's day. 
  • Suspense & surprise will make her happy. So find ways to surprise her. Plan a romantic getaway & do the necessary bookings. And when the day comes, ta-da... Surprise is what makes a girl's heart flutter.
So this was a guide for Valentine's Day gift ideas for wife or girlfriend. We hope you give her the perfect gift & swoon her heart. 

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