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7 Gift ideas for him on valentine day

 Valentine's day is an important day for couples. Men are also expecting some gifts from women on this day. Here I am giving some amazing gift ideas that you can gift to your boyfriend, husband, friend.

1- Personalized Gentleman Caricature - I liked This gift when my girlfriend gifted me in 2018. This personalized gentleman caricature is a delightful gift for the young and happy-go-lucky people you admire. You will defiantly get this from various online platforms for around 10 USD. You can use Adobe Photoshop and create a DIY and gift for him.

2- Shirts- All like to wear new clothes. You can gift your partner a shirt. There are many options available and tons of websites can help you to choose from. But one tip is that before purchasing, get an idea from him. This will cost you from 15$ to 100$

3- Grooming set - Men's grooming is increasing very aggressively and there are 10's of companies are coming every week. Now many companies launch their special gift pack ranging from 25$ to 500$ as you go to the premium side. 

4- Wine - You can give your partner a premium bottle of wine. Most men like wine and they will be happy after seeing this gift. This can cost you ranging from 50$ to 300$. 

5- Wallet- As per research 85% of men use wallets for daily use. and a wallet is a such thing that it is used daily multiple times. Generally, wallets can budget you from 25$ to 200$

6- Holiday tour - You can give your partner a holiday tour gift. A tour to Switzerland or Thailand will make him happy. You can even spend one night in some nearby resorts or villas. I am sure your partner will be so much happy. But this can cost a lot, around 500$ to 3000$ for one person. 

7- Planner for the new year - If your partner is business-minded and interested to plan his week or month ahead then it will be the perfect gift for him. There are thousands of planners are available worldwide and you can order easily from amazon. The planner will cost you anywhere between 20$ to 50$

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