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Everything about Valentine's Week

Valentine's Week is undoubtedly the most romantic week. From roses to kisses, everything is shared during this week! Here you will find out everything about the Valentine's week. 

Valentine's week is celebrated from 7th February to 14th February. The week starts on 7th February with a Rose Day & ends on 14th February with the Valentine's Day. Let's have a look at all the days in Valentine's Week.

Valentine's Week List 2021

7th February 2021 (Sunday) - Rose Day 

8th February 2021 (Monday) - Propose Day

9th February 2021 (Tuesday) - Chocolate Day

10th February 2021 (Wednesday) - Teddy Day

11th February 2021 (Thursday) - Promise Day

12th February 2021 (Friday) - Hug Day

13th February 2021 (Saturday) - Kiss Day    

14th February 2021 (Sunday) - Valentine's Day

In total there are 8 days, not seven, in a Valentine week. In 2021, the Valentine's week starts & ends on a Sunday. This is good news for countries where people don't have holidays on a Valentine's day. You have automatically been given a holiday on Valentine's day. So plan something special in advance for your sweetheart.

Now coming to a very important part. What exactly are these days in the Valentine Week? How to celebrate them? And what all can you expect? Let's have a look at each day -

1. Rose Day on 7th February -

The first day to kick off the Valentine week. On this day, lovers exchange roses. Red roses to be more specific. Rose day isn't only meant for couples. If you are single & have a crush on somebody, you can pass them a hint! How? By sending him/her a red rose. This will let them know that you are interested in them. It's a good way to test waters before moving further.

2. Propose Day on 8th February -

This day you can propose the one you like. Be open to your crush & share your true feelings with them. He/she may accept or reject your proposal. But it's more about sharing your true feelings on this day than about the end result. If you afraid of sharing your feelings in front of a group, hand your crush a written letter or a greeting. If they like you back, both of you are in for a ride during the next few days of the week. It will be the most epic celebration of love!

If you are a couple in a steady relationship, share your feelings with each other again. This will strengthen your bond. Let your heart flutter while your sweetheart pours out how much you mean to them.

3. Chocolate Day on 9th February -

Can you guess what's as sweet as love? A chocolate! Send your love their favourite chocolate. Better yet, share a bite of the same chocolate with your love. And you know what that chocolate would taste like? Like love of course! Make sure you know what kind of chocolate you love or crush likes. If you do, you have hit the jackpot by giving them their favourite chocolate. You can indirectly ask them which chocolate they like. Or else, you can ask their best friends. I must tell you classic chocolates of brands like Lindt work like magic!  

4. Teddy Day on 10th February - 

Teddy's are cute & innocent. Sometimes I feel teddy's & dogs have a lot in common. Girls love teddies. A teddy is like a girl's close friend. She loves to hug & hold it in her good times & bad times. So gift your girl a teddy. Next time when she hugs a teddy, guess who she will remember? Take notes, all you guys out there. 

5. Promise Day on 11th February -

A day to make promises to your love, just like the name suggests. Only make promises which you can keep. This way you can build more trust with your partner. It's also followed by giving your love a gift on this day. A handwritten note to your partner about all the promises you want to keep, is a great place to start. There different gift ideas which you can give your partner on Valentine's day. We have covered them in a separate post. Do it check it out if you need help in buying the right gift.

6. Hug Day on 12th February -

Have your ever had those heavenly hugs? The ones where your love hugged you tightly? So tightly that all the tension & worries of the world started to melt away? You felt a soul connection with your bae in that moment. That's what a hug day is about. So go hug your bae to celebrate closeness. A hug will let them know that you are there for them when things get tough. Hug them as much as you can on this day.

7. Kiss Day on 13th February - 

Perhaps one of the most awaited days in the Valentine week. What's the best way to express your feelings without speaking them? What's the best way to stop time? 

A deep & passionate kiss! A kiss which makes you feel complete. Guys, please be a gentleman & plant a kiss on her forehead also! A kiss on her forehead stands for love & care. And for women, you can surprise your guy by going right for his lips! There are definitely more qualified guides. And you do know where to find them. So good luck!

8. Valentine's Day on 14th February -

And the Valentine's week ends on the Valentine's day. This day is the celebration of love. There are tons of options to celebrate this particular day. No hard and fast rules like the other days of the week. You can plan a candlelight dinner together, give your love gifts or plan a surprise getaway for your bae. Do something which both of you will enjoy. After all, you are your partner's greatest love & Valentine.

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Now you have a better idea of Valentine's week. You can start working on making a plan to celebrate Valentine's day with your love.

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